About the Author

Two life-determining factors were present when Patricia Chapman was born. The first was the influence of the seriously creative Gemini sign and the second was the highly mobile life style of her Air Force family. Both factors funneled into the creation of her recently completed book The Deluxe Illustrated Edition of The True Story of Catch-22.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, she grew up in an international environment; thirteen years were spent residing in Europe. She attended three universities graduating from the Univ. of Colorado in Boulder.

Post-graduate schooling continued in Paris, France. She has held sculpture, drawing, and ceramic exhibits nationally and internationally including in Washington, DC, Virginia, Oregon, California, Paris, Vienna, and Madrid. Her books reflect the influences that came from this continually changing environment.

Her son, Jason, runs a research and education non-profit in the astronautics field. Home is currently in northern Virginia with her husband, Jim, a retired FBI Special Agent.

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Patricia Chapman Meder
The Chapman Family. Pat with arm on father’s shoulder. He was home on a 30-day leave.